What is Aquariums For Beginners?

Aquariums For Beginners is a blog and online community focused on everything Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums. We write articles tailored to beginner aquarists about compatible fish,plants, and other important topics we believe are most critical to keeping a healthy tank. Our Facebook group is one of the largest in the world, with thousands of posts and comments each week discussing best practices, sharing experiences, and plenty of Q&A!

As Florida residents, we have plenty of experience keeping both Tropical Freshwater and Reef Aquariums. We’re avid aquarists, fishermen, scuba divers, and spear fishers living on the West Coast of the state.

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Who we are?

My name is Will. I’m the founder of Aquariums for Beginners – it’s great to meet you.

I started this blog to go along with the Facebook group to provide additional resources to beginner aquarists. We cover freshwater and saltwater fish species: from basic care to breeding, as well invertebrates, plants, diseases, and other relevant topics that will help you keep your aquarium in tip top shape.

If there’s any specific topics that you’d like us to cover or have questions, feel free to reach out over email or in the Facebook group.

Happy fishkeeping!

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