What to Feed Your Cory Catfish (2024)


What to Feed Your Cory Catfish
What Do Cory Catfish Eat?

Corydoras are carnivorous little micro predators that eat worms, insect larvae, and other small invertebrates in nature. Since live foods can be inconvenient to keep on hand at all times, you’re going to want a good quality prepared food blend on hand for most days. So what are the best prepared foods for Corydoras?

Best Food for Corydoras

Fluval Bug Bites are an ideal food for Corydoras because the first three ingredients are 100% animal protein! Black Soldier Fly larvae are an environmentally friendly source of high quality protein and similar to the insect larvae, worms, and other invertebrates that Cories normally eat in the wild.

Fluval Bug Bites are also nutritionally complete, with added vitamins and flavor enhancers like rosemary, that add to the scent and taste appeal for picky eaters. Just make sure that you stick to the small granule size since Cories have such tiny mouths. You may also want to pre-soak them for a few minutes, to make them easier to swallow.

Hikari Brine Shrimp Freeze Dried Food stands out as one of my top choices due to its innovative freeze-drying process, preserving nutrients without high temperatures that can degrade protein quality. While humans prefer cooked food, excessive heat can diminish protein bioavailability for fish.

These freeze-dried brine shrimp offer a comprehensive nutritional blend on their own. Brine shrimp are naturally abundant in fat and protein, complemented here by added beneficial bacteria for improved digestion. Additionally, a touch of processed spirulina enriches the nutritional content of these flakes. Notably, a precise inclusion of 400 parts per million astaxanthin enhances fish coloration, ensuring vibrancy and health.

Tetra is a household name brand when it comes to fish products. And their 3 in 1 Select-A-Food includes several options to ensure your Cories get ample variety for a healthy diet! We get standard flakes, which are easily eaten once they soften in the water.

The Tetra Crisps use a slightly different formulation for a different taste. And you also have freeze dried gammarus as a treat for your fish on occasion! Just make sure to give the gammarus a few minutes to soak in warm water, softening them up for your Cories since they don’t chew as well as other fish.

I’m always on the lookout for protein-based prepared options for Corydoras. And Aqueon Shrimp Pellets are some of the best since they use shrimp meal as the main ingredient. Aqueon also uses a sinking formula, delivering food right to the bottom where Cories tend to stay. This way they don’t have to compete at the surface with your other fish.

These pellets do need a little time to absorb water and break apart. But your Corydoras will happily nibble away at the surface as they slowly soften!


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